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Thursday 30 January 2014

Contouring & highlighting

I have done a few makeup looks on my facebook page recently  <click here for a snoop>  and I have got so many requests from clients to do one on contouring.

Yes we can all thank Kim Kardashion for her highlighting/contouring selfie she posted, which started this craze for you lot! Makeup Artists work this technique on every makeup application whether it is a natural makeup or a night time party look. There are so many tutorials on this at present and I believe you need good judgement & to be able to decide which part of your own face needs contouring.
 Still not getting it?? Call in to me at the salon :)

This is a very easy guide - start with very little product on clean primed skin. For contouring & highlighting you can use either foundation or a concealer cream. I change all the time as it depends on the condition & tone of the skin.

So here I am (looking a little scary!) with the highlighter. For the highlight I use Mac studio fix fluid foundation in NC15, try get one maybe 2/3 shades lighter than your own skin tone. You highlight the highest points on your face.

Using my finger I applied the foundation down along the center of my nose (to create the illusion of a slimmer nose), on the centre of my forehead and centre of my chin (this elongates my face).

I also applied the highlighter under my eyes in a V-shape to accentuate my contouring later. This step also helps brighten under the eyes.

Use a little highlight on the side of the jawline to slim down a round face.

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