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Wednesday 9 March 2016

Skincare for Brides

It's a question all bride's ask - how will I look after my skin on the run up to my wedding? Every bride wants her skin to look absolutely perfect for their special day. I have a few tips to help you along the way - whether skincare isn't a top priority or you religiously look after your skin, these easy steps are sure to help you out.

Once your wedding day is set, go to your beauty therapist or skin specialist to discuss your skincare. Generally, a consultation and an analysis of the skin is done. Therapists chat about skincare routine, diet and excerise. Have a few questions in mind -  "what would I like to achieve with my skin,  when should I start prepping my skin before the wedding and what's my skincare routine like at present?" 

1. FACIALS are my first priority and I would recommend to schedule them every 5-8 weeks before the wedding. Whether my client has acne, dry, dehydrated or even perfect skin I recommend a facial to suit everyone's needs. And you don't always need those deep cleansing facials that will draw out impurities and leave your skin covered in blemishes. Just something that will brighten and condition the skin. I recently qualified in Microdermabrasion and I cannot tell you the difference on the skin after this treatment.  It works on open pores, those annoying clogged pores on the nose & chin, great for sun damaged skin and as a general skin brightener and plumper. Again used for ALL skin types but definitely recommended for brides prior to the wedding. Check out the link HERE to read all about Microdermabrasion.

2. Once your therapist has decided your skin type, they will give you a HOME CARE ROUTINE to make sure you keep your skin well hydrated right up to the wedding. This is very important stage and key to making sure your skin is in perfection condition.

3. WATER is a major part of our skin's nourishment and drinking the correct amount of water everyday keeps our skin looking soft & dewy. Water is the best thing to flush out toxins, hormones and bi-products. You may notice a lot more fine lines & wrinkles around the eyes when you're not drinking water. Within a few days you'll be amazed at the difference.


4. Do not use ANY NEW PRODUCTS just before your wedding day. If you are a little stressed or anxious coming up to your special day, some ingredients in a product might trigger a reaction. This goes for fake tan also - make sure you have had a patch test done a month or two before hand. Keep to the skincare routine that your therapist has given you.  

5. SPF's are essential - for protection of the skin and especially your lips. Use a balm with an SPF to make sure they're not cracked and dry and they will look great for your wedding photos.


6. EXCERISE. You might not think this but excerise has a big role in skincare. When our heart rate rises through excerise, our blood flow is increased which promotes new cell growth for fresh looking skin. I have had a few brides who have told me their skin starts to break out after excising or being at the gym. There is a simple solution for this. Remove your makeup before working out and if you can't, make sure to clean the skin down with a water wipe STRAIGHT AFTER excising. Our sweat glands can get blocked and by simply removing any excess on the skin, it can prevent blemishes from forming.

7. DIET is so important to keep your skin looking fresh. Try cut out or cut down on sugar, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods. Eat lots of fresh fruit and veg which help the circulation of the blood and in turn will help support the skins elasticity. This along with your 2-3 litres of water a day will make a massive difference in how your skin looks and how you feel in general.

8. A good night SLEEP can work wonders for tired, dull skin as well as puffy eyes. While we sleep the body is still working, producing more proteins and in this time cells and tissues are renewed. This is why we recommend all night creams, eye creams and serums just before you go to bed. So try get 8 hours sleep if you can before all those late night out in the run up to the big day.

9. Take SUPPLEMENTS - it may take a month or so to notice but by taking Omega fish oils your skin will never look as good. It helps with inflammation, acne and dry, flaky skin. I've started taking Hair Boost from Holland and Barrett and find this amazing for thickening my hair and for it growth.

10. Don't forget your BODY.  Try dry brushing the skin in an upwards motion, exfoliate and make sure to apply a moisturiser daily. I have some of my favourite body products listed HERE

Dont panic if your skin isn't exactly the way you want it for your wedding day. Even if you take one or two of these points and do them, it's an improvement. Thats what a good Makeup Artist and a good photographer are for on your wedding day! 







For any skincare advise send me a message. Have a look at my website for some bridal looks.

A x


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