Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Today's a good hair day

I have longed for full, luscious locks for a long time. Even though my hair is long it is so fine. I never thought about getting hair extensions as two things came to mind - the horrible, fake-hair-look where you can see bald patches and the bonds stuck to the hair and secondly the amount of damage they do to your natural hair.

I heard about Great Lengths Hair Extensions from magazines and instagram pic's from celeb's and they all had beautiful, volumised full looking hair. So I did a bit of research...

Great Lengths Hair Extensions are 100% human hair which is sourced in India during Hindu rituals. Women & Men's hair is voluntarily sacrificed and donated to Temples. 
Great Lengths commit to ensuring all hair is sourced ethically and willingly and that a fair price is paid.
The hair is shipped to Italy where it starts the cleansing process and is sewn to cloths to ensure it stays in the right direction. 
It is placed in baths to gently take out the natural pigment and then coloured through a process called osmosis. Finishing off, they 'hackle' hair by hand with a giant brush to remove tangles.
It is then shipped off to the salon!

Rosanna Davidson is a client of Great Lengths for 3 years!

Glenda Gilson

Una Healy

I was so excited to hear that Great Lengths, favoured by Hollywood's elite, arrived at Cathriona's Hair Salon, Castlegregory, Co. Kerry. I called for a consultation with Cathriona and she talked me through the procedure of getting my volumised hair. Cathriona told me about the intense and strict training herself and Grace did before working on their clients. Happy with picking my length and colour I made the appointment for the following week - I knew I was in safe hands.

I arrived early at the salon, greeted by the girls and straight to the basin for my hair to be washed. Blowdrying and strightening followed.

Please excuse the state of the photo - I never straighten my hair and this is why! ;)

Cathriona started prepping the 40CM extensions, I choose a colour similar to my own with strands of a lighter colour to give it a lift. 

While sitting drinking my coffee Cathriona filled me in on why these extensions are tried & tested worldwide and are a favourite of all hair stylists:
  • There is no messy glue or damaging heat - Great Lengths use a ultrasound vibration to soften the extension bond which is made out of keratin (which our own hair is made up of naturally)
  • The are super light - I have a full head (almost) and I don't feel any difference in the weight
  • Because the bonds are so small they are brushable and durable
  • Hair looks unbelievably natural and feels so soft
  • They last from 4-7 months and can be reapplied again straight away
  • When they dry naturally they have a natural wave, unlike other hair extensions that dry poker straight.

Check out the keratin bonds - so small and applied in a way that they are totally masked by your own hair.

So after numerous coffees and lots of catching up my extensions are finally in...

Full, thick, wavy hair = happy Annette!

I have the extensions in with 3 weeks now and I love them! You need to brush them a few times a day (with a Great Lengths brush), plait them by night and wash them with Great Lengths shampoo but other than that they are work-free. 

If you would like to get a consultation you can contact Cathriona HERE

Location: Cathriona's Hair Salon, Castlegregory, Co.Kerry
Tel: 066 7139853



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