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Monday 10 November 2014

Winter chills

With the cold nip in the air this week it's time to protect and re hydrate our skin. Even though all the Vitamin D during the Summer was great for our bodies, it's not so great for our skin (boo hoo).
Here are a few of my favourite products to start our Winter routine to nourish our skin again.

To banish all that old, dry, flaky skin on our bodies try Jo Malone Vitamin E Treatment Scrub - it smells divine. More on the pricey side but a little goes a long way. The best body scrub I have EVER used. It also leaves a gorgeous, luxurious oil residue on the skin to help moisturise all those dry patches.

To moisturise the body try Dove's Essential Nourishment. A real thick moisturiser which I'd recommend to use after your shower at night. Wake in the morning to baby soft skin!

Now to the face. Firstly I'd recommend a nourishing, re hydrating facial. Call to Le Beau Beauty Salon for a consultation with me and I'll get you kick started to a more youthful, fresh skin. At home I use my favourite treatment products which are.. Our best selling product at the salon - Eve Taylor No 1 Facial Oil and The Sanctuary's Therapist's Secret Facial Oil.

Don't forget your SPF. A must product those chilly, frosty days when our skin is exposed. I use Shiseido Sun Protection Eye Cream SPF 34 and Eve Taylor Solar Shield for the face & neck.

For a dewy, warm glow under your foundation try this amazing radiance primer from Laura Mercier - you can also mix this in with your foundation when applying.

If you want a slight tan during the Winter months try Karora Gradual Tan. So soft on the skin as it contains a moisture cream along with the tan. Super easy to apply and absolutely NO SMELL! I could put this on in the evening, sleep through the night and no need to wash off in the morning-amazing! This is my go-to product and it's available at Le Beau plus it 100% IRISH, even better!

And to finish off don't forget your lips. Use my favourite - Carmex available at all pharmacies.

Do you have any go-to products for Winter? Let me know what's yours?
A x


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