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Wednesday 25 February 2015

A little bit of Heaven

Do you ever feel like a peaceful break? Somewhere close but far enough to get away from it all?

You all know or have heard of Inchydoney Lodge & Spa in West Cork. I know this hotel quite well. I grew up a few miles away from the hotel and I started my beauty career in their prestigious Spa. I am a regular makeup artist for weddings at the hotel so, to say I know it well, is an understatement.

So when I got to go there I was so excited to spend time as a guest rather than in work mode. 

As soon as we arrived we decided not to budge from the hotel for the whole 2 days - it's so easy to take a quick trip to Clonakilty for a wander which I love doing so much but, I really wanted to enjoy every single minute at Inchydoney and quoting John Spillane - "Wake up to the sound of the sea"

We arrived to "The Island" (as locals call it) on one of the best days - lots of sunshine and so, so mild. Not a puff in the air, hard to believe for January! We checked in and immediately relaxed into the soft, comfy couches with an Irish Mist (a signature liquor by Inchydoney) while our luggage was taken care of. Exactly what we needed after our 2 hour drive.

Opening the door to our deluxe room, the sun was streaming in from the balcony which over looked the beach and the sea, absolutely perfect! I went straight for the balcony doors and you cannot help but to breath in and fill your lungs with fresh, sea air.
And we had so many goodies waiting for us. How spoilt were we?

A walk was definitely needed after indulging in the yummy treats. Dusk was settling in and a walk to The Virgin Mary's Bank was so beautiful.

The Virgin Mary's Bank is the piece of land jutting out between the beaches. Tradition tells that the Virgin Mary came to pray on the bank one night as sailors were bringing in their ships to anchor. 
They were said to have mocked her holiness and beauty. Because of this, a storm arose and destroyed the ship and drowned the crew. Since then no boat has been known to anchor near the spot.
"And to this day the fishermen showed where those scoffers sank, and still they called this hill of green the Virgin Mary's Bank".
My Dad told me he learned this at primary school and still, to this day, has it off by heart. 


Next it was more eating and off to Dunes Bar for dinner. This pub is open to non-residents also and is the perfect place to sit & eat after a brisk walk on the beach.

I had my usual - surf n' turf followed by a creamy trifle.

Arriving back at the room we found info about the next days surf and weather which was a lovely touch complete with more chocolates!

Of course there was a little work to be done before bed but a glass of vino made it easier!

The next morning we started off another beautiful day with a jog on the beach, which I try to do every time I'm home, followed by some yoga on the shore and then off to The Spa.

It's always such a treat going to The Island Spa. The whole experience works with seawater therapies which is thalassotherapy. It has so many healing properties. Now the pool here is a must - even for the non-swimmers. It is a pool full of heated seawater. Yes seawater! It is pumped daily from the ocean and heated to 31 degrees. I can't describe how your body feels after a few minutes in this pool as well as getting a complete workout underwater with a selection of underwater jets, bubble seats and counter currents. 
The pool is beneficial to those who can't swim as the salt in the seawater makes the body more buoyant and aids floatation.

Elemis products are used at the Spa and I indulged in a 70 minute Oxygen Skin Calm Facial. My skin needed a little TLC after the Winter months so this was ideal. 
I then went for a Algae Body Wrap. This was the most popular treatment that I used to do while working in the Spa and I did so many I could do it in my sleep! But it's a classic treatment that feels so good every time you get it done. Algae mud was applied all over my body, I was wrapped up in a warm blanket and let to relax for 20 minutes. My skin felt fabulous for days after.
If you ever feel like booking in to the Spa, Carol, the Spa Receptionist will be sure to look after you. 

When the treatments ended I retired to the relaxation room and with the soft twinkle lights and the hush of the ocean I drifted off.

We were so relaxed after our day we went to the fabulous Residents Lounge for the evening. Check out how comfy it is?

The smell of coffee greeted me the following morning (there's a Nespresso machine in every room-nice!) and I wished I had one more night to stay. I just had to get another swim in before we made our way to The Gulfstream Restaurant for breekie and while eating my pancakes I soaked up as much as the view as I could before leaving.

More sunshine & blue skies made it even harder to go.

If you wish to visit this beautiful resort and get your own piece of heaven click HERE 
Perfect for a romantic getaway or with a group of your besties. If you wish to bring the family you can stay in self catering apartments adjacent to the hotel-perfect for the little ones! 
A x


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