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Monday 12 December 2016


When in Santorini, a trip to Oia is a must. The most photogenic town, sitting on a cliff and known throughout the world for it's famous sunset. 

This is definately my favourite town, quite busy, so try head there in the morning or early afternoon. 

You will find lots of cobbled, winding streets along the way. When it get too hot, stop for a Yellow Donkey!

And still so pretty at night time..

Oia is also famous for it's sunset. People flood here in the evening's. Knowing this from our visit years ago we decided to go to Amoudi Bay to eat fresh fish, drink wine and watch the beautiful sunset on the water's edge.

We made sure to visit Amoudi Bay a few times during our stay. When walking through Oia, at the end of the village you will see a track heading down the steep steps to the Bay. 

Santorini donkeys are waiting to help you with the steps.

It is one of the most beautiful spots you will find on the Island especially if you like morning swims. 

Follow the path, past the restaurants (yes that is through the restaurants!) 

You will see a red dirt track and follow this around the rocks, while stopping for photo's along the way..

Keep going and you will come across a beautiful area where you will find all the locals swimming from the rocks. A real hidden area with the calmest of waters. 

After our swim we'd head to either Katinas or Sunset Ammoundi for some food.

And chill out with this view

And finish off with a cold Mythos.

While writing this on a cold December, I wish I was back there now. I love photography and this is one of the reasons why. While reading this back I pictured us there and relived it once again! 
Have a look at my Instagram for more pictures & videos.

Hope you enjoyed and there is one more Santorini post to come.

A x 

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