Thursday, 30 April 2015

Wearable - Editorial - Bridal - by Mac Cosmetics

At the beginning of the week I went to Dublin for a Pro Bridal Mac Masterclass. These are always my favourite as I get to see a glimpse of runway looks but also the looks that my client will love. The overall makeup was quite natural yet flawless.

The makeup looks were designed by Mac's Senior Artist for Ireland, Lesley Keane, but unfortunately she couldn't attend so the gorgeous, bubbly Lisa Shannon took the Masterclass.

Lisa worked with Mac for 8 years as a trainer and is now a personal beauty stylist for Brown Thomas. I have been following Lisa on Instagram with ages - she has worked with artists like Terry Barber, Val Garland (OMG!) and Tom Pecheux at ChloĆ©. Want to follow her? Click HERE. And don't forget to follow me too while your there - Annettes Instagram

So the first look was a very natural look and believe it or not, it takes a little longer to perfect, rather than a full-on makeup. Lisa demonstrated the look while we watched, in awe, and took notes. The skin was light, flawless and dewy. For the eye makeup the Cool Palette from Mac was used with Cosy Grey eyeshadow being the prominent colour. And the lips, a gorgeous ombre with Chestnut lip liner and Lady Danger lipstick in the centre of the lips. 
For me this is a soft, feminine look - a bride who thinks of a princess wedding, lots of tulle and romance.

The second look was a little more edgy, masculine with a touch of smokey. The skin had much more of a full coverage and the Correct and Conceal Palette was used as well as Prep and Prime Beauty Balm. The eyes were the focus of this look with Groundwork Paint Pot, Smoulder eyeshadow and Chestnut lip liner as eye pencil. Yes, you read that right - lip liner as eye pencil - genius!
Brows were darkened and prominent. Lips toned down with Cork lip liner & Freckletone lipstick.

With the beautiful Lisa

Had such a great day and can't wait till the next one. If you have any questions on the makeup or looks you can comment below.
A x



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