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Thursday 23 April 2015

Do you want a natural alternative to botox & fillers?

After a long Winter my skin was craving some care and attention. After a few months of harsh weather, central heating and lack of hydration, my skin definitely needed some TLC.
 Do you ever feel that a regular, hands-on facial just isn't enough? Well, I was introduced to the new Biotec Facials from Elemis and I can't wait to tell you all about it.

The Killarney Park Hotel is nestled in the centre of Killarney town and it is here, at The Elemis Spa, that you will find the facial that everyone is talking about. I just couldn't wait to visit and check it out for myself.

I took a selfie of my skin before I went to the Killarney Hotel to see the difference it made. Excuse my scary, pale, no makeup face!

I arrived at the 5 star Spa Hotel on a cold Monday morning. Seeing the roaring fire I couldn't help but sit in the cosy lounge area, having a coffee with my Sister, Bernadette, before we went for our treatments.

Jessica, Spa manager at The Killarney Park Hotel, greeted us at The Spa where we changed into luxurious robes and waited in a thermal suite before our treatment. Looking out the window at the view, I thought I was out in the country, all the greenery & woodland and so, so peaceful.

When I arrived at the treatment room I had a consultation with Jessica. Firstly, we chatted about my skin - my skin care routine and what I felt I needed in the facial. Then Jessica explained all about the Biotec Facials and together we choose the best one to suit my skin.

This facial has been 2 years in development which made me a little excited. Plus you won't find this treatment in any other Hotel Spa in Kerry, Cork, Limerick or Clare. I knew this was going to be amazing, hearing all about the seven super-charged facial treatments.

So what is the difference between this and a regular facial? It is the unique fusion of technology and touch. It is a facial which uses a hands on approach, active ingredients and also advance technology.

These Biotec Facials are the natural alternative to botox, fillers and microdermabrasion. And the best bit - no redness, irritations or pain. Win,win,win!

The 7 differnt facial treatments target specific skin needs:

1. Triple-Tec Anti-Wrinkle Facial - the ultimate wrinkle-smoothing facial.
2. Micro Firm-A-Lift Facial - super-lifting facial to help firm.
3. Sonic Skin-Resurfacing Facial - resurfacing facial to even skin tone,reduce blemish marks & smooth fine lines.
4. Sonic Skin-Radiance Facial - radiance boosting for tired, dull & stressed skin.
5. L.E.D Blemish Control Facial - deep cleansing to visibly clear & re-balance oily,blemish prone skin.
6. 02 Sensitive Skin Soothing Facial - de-sanitising anti redness facial to calm and sooth delicate skin.
7. Super-Charge Facial For Men - de-grease, de-age and calm a stressed, dehydrated skin.

I chose the Triple-Tec Anti Wrinkle Facial- well, I'm not getting any younger!

Wrapped up in a warm blanket, with calming music and dimmed lights I felt so relaxed and when Jessica started the treatment I almost dozed off.
She informed me about the facial -  what would be done first and how everything felt on my skin.

After a cleansing of the skin with a gorgeous smelling balm (Pro Collegan Cleansing Balm),  a cool gel was applied which is a lines and wrinkles activator. Microcurrent pulses were used all over the face to lift and firm up the skin. I felt no sensation except the movement of rollers on my skin - really relaxing.

Light therapy was next. A red light first to increase cell renewal, boost circulation & stimulate collagen production. A blue light after as an anti bacterial action for my skin.

Next was the 02 fusion which I loved. A quartz mask was applied and then the 02. This gave the skin a gentle plump and helped smooth out all the fine lines and wrinkles. This worked great around my eye area.

A moisturise and eye cream followed and I couldn't believe my hour was up. I would have given anything to snooze at the stage but Jessica was so excited to show me the results. As I looked in the mirror I really couldn't believe it. My skin looked so much brighter, felt firmer and the lines around my eyes.. almost gone! There was no redness, my skin looked so calm. It was glowing. It's the type of facial you could walk out the door and not worry about who you'll bump into. No oily, greasy residue either. I'm sold.

This is definitely the new generation of facials - I am already checking my dates to go back for the Sonic Skin-Radiance Facial just in time for Summer.

The Triple-Tec Anti-Wrinkle Facial is recommended every 3 weeks with a course of 8-10. "100% of women felt there was a visible and dramatic reduction in lines and wrinkles"

Once the facial was over I headed to the relaxation room for some herbal tea and a snooze. How soothing it is...

If you would like to find out more information you can contact the fabulous Jessica on +353 64 667 0089 and reserve your Killarney Hotel Spa facial today.

And there is a great offer just for you until the end of May -

To end my morning of bliss I headed to The Garden Bar for some yummy lunch, relaxation is hard work ;)
I ordered my favourite - a cappuccino cup of homemade soup & a toastie - perfect!

A x


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