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Tuesday 29 November 2016

Santorini: Santo Wines

We hired a car during the honeymoon, just to find those places we missed on the first time around. Andromahi at Homeric Poems (read about our hotel HERE) helped us find all those spots.
First on our list was the wine tour and tasting at Santo Wines.

The tour itself took about 15 - 20 minutes and walked us through the wine making process. When it was finished we made our reservation for the wine tasting and on recommendation, left it until the sun was setting in the evening.
Back in the car and off for some sightseeing while taking in the amazing views. We stopped so many times along the way.

 We headed South of the Island to the beaches - the black and red beach.

The black pebbles of Perissa beach are formed from volcanic activity. Bring your flip-flops as the sand gets very hot during the day. It's beautiful to see the crystal clear water against the back sand.

Sea salt hair, freckles and Greek salad :)

From the there we drove to the red beach. Getting its name from the dramatic red lava cliffs and red pebbles. We didn't actually go on to the beach, its quite hard to get to with a lot of  climbing down a cliff, so maybe take one of the boat trips to visit instead.

We followed google maps and it brought us to a red dirt track. 

We walked and climbed and eventually found it.. beautiful!

A quick change and before the sun started setting we headed back to Santo Wine's for our tasting.

To finish the night we went to our favourite little cafe/bar, Galini which was located next to our hotel. 

And when in Greece, drink Ouzo!

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